17 – 18 November | Bern, Switzerland

Aerial Cities 2022

Invitation-only event for Decision Makers

About Aerial Cities

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Drone Industries are scaling up operations and expanding to urban environments. The cities` understanding of the impact of these novel aerial industries is crucial to maximising the benefits for the community. Social acceptance is also vital for AAM and drone industries to scale and drive revenue.

Aerial Cities aims to promote conversations between:

✓ AAM and Drone decision-makers
✓ Airport representatives
✓ City officials & CAAs and Urban Planners

We aim to connect the three industries to understand each-other capabilities and foster a collaborative environment for the development of the aerial cities.

Event Speakers

Dr. Milan Kumar

Chief Information Officer At ZF Commercial Vehicles, ZF Group

Marcel Kägi

Director Aviation Policy and Strategy Division at Federal Office of Civil Aviation Switzerland

Kenneth Chircop

Director, Global Network Operations Centre at Dronamics

Olivier Le Lann

CEO at Electric Visionary Aircrafts

Ansgar Kadura

Co-Founder and Chief Services Officer At Wingcopter

Dhenya Schwarz

Project Manager for Urban Air Mobility in Aachen

Diana Cooper

Global Head of Policy & Regulations At Supernal

Jasmine Kent

CTO & Co-Founder At Dufour Aerospace

Juan José Sola Bañasco

Head of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Division (UAS/Drones) At Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)

Fokion Zaimis

Greek Deputy Governor of Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation, Vice-President of the CPMR IMC

Dr. Sebastian Friess

President At Berne Economic Development Agency

Giovanni Di Antonio

General Aviation Management Director At Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC)

Conference Schedule

DAY #1 - 17 November

DAY #2 - 18 November

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