Bobby Healy

Bobby Healy
CEO of Manna Drone Delivery


Bobby Healy is an entrepreneur and executive with over three decades of experience in multiple industries. As the CEO and founder of Manna Drone Delivery, he has been transforming the online food industry since 2018, focusing on global drone-based delivery services. Bobby is also a Board Member of DEBRA Ireland, a charity that helps people with the rare skin condition known as “Butterfly Skin.” He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Bobby Healy also holds several other prominent positions in addition to his work with Manna Drone Delivery and DEBRA Ireland. He is an investor and the Chairman of Coindrum, a company that provides a unique solution for airport leftover currency. He is also the Founder and Non-Executive Director of Meili, a 2021 start-up.

Bobby spent over 15 years at CarTrawler, a global B2B travel technology platform, serving in various roles like Non-Executive Director and CTO before founding Manna Drone Delivery. He helped the company grow to the point where it now provides real-time access to transportation services in 174 countries.

Bobby’s previous positions include Non-Executive Director at Chill Insurance, Chief Evangelist at SITA, CTO and Founder of Eland Technologies and Troublesome Coder at Amadeus. In the 1980s, he began his career as a Games Developer for Emerald Software and Doodlebug Designs.