Idan Shimon

Idan Shimon
Co-Founder and CEO of Wonder Robotics


Idan Shimon is an entrepreneur and executive with a background in technology, marketing and business development. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Wonder Robotics, a company based in Central, Israel specialising in robotics technology. Idan has led the company for nearly four years, driving innovation and growth in the robotics industry since its inception in June 2019.

He is also an active private investor in various technology-focused ventures in addition to his role at Wonder Robotics. He has been a private investor and board member in As You Stay — Anytime Check-in/Out Hotel Booking and Particula since June 2019 and April 2017, respectively. His investments demonstrate his interest in fostering growth in the technology sector as well as his commitment to supporting innovative startups.

Idan co-founded and served as CEO of CIS Technologies Ltd., a technology firm based in Central, Israel, prior to founding Wonder Robotics. For nearly three years, from August 2016 to May 2019, he guided the company to success and growth.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Idan worked as the Vice President of Marketing at Aeronautics, an aerospace company, where he gained valuable experience in the technology and marketing sectors. From 1999 to 2012, he played a critical role in driving the company’s marketing efforts and contributing to its overall success.

Idan Shimon’s diverse experience in technology, marketing, and business development, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, has led him to the forefront of the technology and robotics industries. His dedication to innovation and growth has resulted in the development of several businesses as well as the advancement of the technology sector as a whole.