Vassilis Agouridas

Vassilis Agouridas
Leader of the UIC2, UAM Initiative Cities Community within the EU’s CIVITAS


Vassilis Agouridas is an experienced aerospace professional who is currently the Head of EU Public Co-Creation and Ecosystem Outreach at Airbus. Vassilis has been with Airbus for nearly 15 years, serving as Senior Manager of Strategy and Innovation, Business Strategy and Services and Corporate Strategy and Planning. He has worked in various settings, including Munich, Germany, Marseille, France and Paris, France.

Vassilis is also the Leader of the UIC2, UAM Initiative Cities Community within the EU’s CIVITAS programme, which is focused on advancing urban mobility solutions. His commitment to improving transportation systems can be seen in his work at Airbus.

Vassilis also teaches executive education courses in strategy, innovation and business networks at BRICKS by Aerospace Valley and Toulouse Business School (TBS) in Toulouse, France. He has served in this capacity since 2009, passing on his knowledge and experience to future generations of business leaders.

Vassilis earned an MBA in Aerospace Management from Toulouse Business School before joining Airbus in 2008. Prior to this, he worked as a Faculty Member and Assistant Professor in Engineering and Product Design at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom for eight years, from 2003 to 2007. From 1999 to 2003, he worked as a Research Project Engineer, focusing on projects in Requirements Engineering and Management, Information Management, and Business Analysis.

Vassilis Agouridas has demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing the aerospace industry and urban mobility solutions throughout his career, making him a respected and influential figure in his field.