Heinz-Dieter Meier

Heinz-Dieter Meier

Ex-CIO at Federal Police of Germany


Heinz-Dieter Meier, rtd. Director Federal Police, is a SME for UAS operations for public safety regarding to operational procedures and technical requirements.


From 1977 until 2003 he worked as a pilot, flight instructor, examiner and squadron leader in the helicopter flight service of the Federal Police Germany and has many years of experience in operations with special police forces. Part-time he was active as a rescue-helicopterpilot (2004-2014).


In 2006 he developed a far-reaching reform of the information and communication technology of Federal Police Germany, which he subsequently implemented as CIO. His function included the operative responsibility for all communication- and information, datacenter, etc. and telephone monitoring, radio surveillance and forensic units.


From 2013 he worked as Senior Advisor at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the field of earth observation for security authorities and supported the development of the operational procedures of DLR’s Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information. Additional he was responsible for the implementation of Security Services as technical coordinator in the European space program “Copernicus”.


Since 2015 he has been active as consultant and executive coach in the areas of information technology (focus cybersecurity, ai), aviation (focus UAV) and satellite-based reconnaissance.


2018 he founded “amotys consult GmbH”.

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