Matthias Gronstedt

Matthias Gronstedt

Managing Director at HHLA Sky


Matthias Gronstedt is a professional specialising in technical sales, business development and strategic sales. He has spent his career serving the manufacturing and heavy industry sectors, thanks to his unique combination of in-depth knowledge in industrial automation, client-server architecture, and networking.


Highlights of Gronstedt’s career include doubling sales at Friede Bauzentrum in two years, introducing e-commerce and developing a system for virtual-reality demonstrations. He achieved significant operational and sales success for YHS, Singapore’s largest soft-drink producer, at Siemens, convincing the YHS CEO and technical staff to trust Siemens with their automation project.


Matthias Gronstedt has been the Managing Director of HHLA Sky GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, since February 2020. The company focuses on developing hardware and software solutions to control drones and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) safely and securely for end-to-end mobility solutions.


Prior to his current position, Gronstedt worked for HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH, Friede Bauzentrum GmbH, and Siemens. To better compete in the market, he increased sales by 50%, nearly doubled the number of employees, and modernized business processes at Friede Bauzentrum GmbH.


He also worked at Siemens for 18 years, serving as Vice President of Industry Sales and Head of Industry Automation in Singapore. In networking, software, and industrial controls, he consistently demonstrated leadership and expertise. He was also instrumental in the post-merger integration of UGS into Siemens’ Industry Automation Division, which resulted in the formation of 26 global companies under the Siemens Industry Software brand.


Matthias Gronstedt has made significant contributions to the companies he has worked with proven experience with growth initiatives. In his current role at HHLA Sky GmbH, he continues to drive innovation and expand the reach of the aviation industry beyond current markets.

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