Enda Walsh

Enda Walsh
UAS Manager at the Irish Aviation Authority


Enda Walsh is the Irish Aviation Authority’s Drones Champion (UAS Manager), a position he has held since June 2021. Enda has over a decade of aviation experience and has worked as an airspace regulator, procedure designer and military air traffic controller. His love of skydiving sparked his interest in aviation, and he has completed over 1,000 jumps to date. Enda has also previously served as Ireland’s head of military parachuting.

He is in charge of promoting and regulating the drone industry in order to maximise competitive and socioeconomic benefits while ensuring the highest level of safety, security and protection for citizens at the Irish Aviation Authority. He believes strongly in the potential of drones for society and spends his spare time flying and building them.

Enda previously worked for the Irish Aviation Authority in a variety of positions, including PANS-Ops and Airspace Inspector and Instrument Flight Procedure Design and Airspace Specialist. His duties included writing and enforcing national legislation, ensuring flight safety and providing technical advice on airspace management.

He has military leadership experience, having retired as a Captain from the Irish Defence Forces after serving in both the Air Corps and the Infantry. Enda served in the Defence Forces of Ireland as a Staff Officer ATS and Air Traffic Controller and an Infantry Officer, gaining valuable experience in airfield and airspace management, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance.

Enda Walsh is a professional committed to advancing the drone industry in Ireland and beyond while ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, with a diverse background in software engineering, military leadership and aviation.