Aerial Cities 2023: post-event report

The Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) and drone industries are scaling up operations and expanding to urban environments. However, the governance structures of cities are far more complex than those of traditional aviation and are still very fragmented. 

The challenge that aviation and drone organisations face is that many do not understand urban planning, operations and infrastructure. Still, even though they lack this understanding, these organisations continue to attempt to provide their services to stakeholders responsible for urban environments.

Cities, on the other hand, are also struggling to understand drones and how to adapt to these new innovative technologies. But, they continue to miss the required infrastructure needs of these organisations or fail to understand the capabilities that drone services offer.

Aerial Cities is an invite-only event where executive-level industry leaders speak about both city governance and aviation structures in urban environments along with considering user perspectives. The event does this by providing a space for meaningful conversations between IAM and drone decision-makers, users,  investors, city officials, governments and CAAs. 

By coming together each year during Aerial Cities, we allow dialogue to flow naturally between all stakeholders to begin bridging the layers of the entire supply chain.

In the downloadable post-event report below of Aerial Cities 2023, you’ll see an overview of the speakers, conference and sponsors, including the conference schedule, panels and location.