Cathal Mac Criostail

Cathal Mac Criostail

Airspace and Navigation Manager at AirNav Ireland


Cathal Mac Criostail has worked in Air Traffic Management with AirNav Ireland (previously Irish Aviation Authority ANSP), for over 30 years.


He has had a number of roles in that time, including:

  • Operational Enroute ATCO/FIS
  • Watch Supervisor (with responsibility for Safety Management in the Shannon Enroute Centre)
  • ATS Instructor
  • ATC Operations Manager for Cork and Shannon Tower Business Units

His current role is AirNav Ireland Manager Airspace and Navigation which includes a focus on U-Space and UTM.


This reflects his involvement with Drone operators and U-Space more generally, since 2013.


He currently is a member of the Borealis Alliance U-Space group and the CANSO UAS/UTM Taskforce. He is also the AirNav Ireland point of contact for a number of SJU Digital Sky Demonstration Projects in Ireland.


He firmly believes that we are on the cusp of reaching a clear roadmap for integration of U-space in a short timeframe, reflecting the speed of development of the industry. He also believes that having ANSPs involved can only serve to optimise the U-space market.