Eileen Quinlivan

Eileen Quinlivan

Assistant Chief Executive of Dublin City Council


Eileen is Deputy Chief Executive in Dublin City Council and heads up the Council’s Corporate Services, Transformation and Human Resources Department. She has responsibility for the City Council’s innovation, smart cities and digital transformation agenda. Her role focuses on organisation-wide initiatives that redesign city services so they are citizen-centric, streamlined, digital and informed through best use of data. Eileen currently oversees the development of an organisation wide drone strategy which aims to scale the use of drones to enhance the delivery of Council services while also supporting the wider drone eco-system to ensure positive outcomes for citizens and communities.


Prior to this role, she held positions within Dublin City Council as A/CEO of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority, Manager for the South East Area of the City and previously worked in urban planning and community development services in local government. Prior to joining local government, Eileen worked in cross-border community development and reconciliation.


Eileen holds degrees in humanities, community development and urban planning.

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Roles and responsibilities of national, regional and local governments regarding the management of aerial cities [progress since last year]

  • 8 November, 2023
  • 15:00 - 16:00