Richard Boden

Richard Boden

Head of Business Unit at Murzilli Consulting


Richard Boden embarked on his academic journey in Berlin, where he studied transportation systems at the Technical University and later pursued a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, fueled by a passion for the aviation industry. During his academic pursuits, he gained practical experience as a part-time working student, delving into roles related to aviation equipment testing, aviation-based software development for cabin design and flight path optimization, and business jet certification projects.


After completing his studies, Richard transitioned into a full-time role, beginning as a design engineer at F/LIST, a company specializing in EASA-approved jet interiors. There, he collaborated closely with the Head of the Office of Airworthiness, overseeing business jet modifications and refurbishments while ensuring rigorous safety and performance standards for interior aircraft designs.


In addition to his design engineering responsibilities, Richard played a pivotal role in product recertification and approvals, closely monitoring design processes and aligning changes with current standards. He was responsible for preparing compliance documentation for re-certification, coordinating with production, and overseeing aircraft part modification and production tests. His meticulous approach extended to overseeing installation processes to ensure adherence to design engineer instructions.

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  • 9 November, 2023
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