Thomas Opfermann

Thomas Opfermann

Project Manager at St Franziskus Hospital


Thomas Opfermann began his journey in the healthcare field through his training as a nurse from September 2013 to September 2016. There, he realized that he wanted to broaden his affinity for technology. This realization led him to study “Technical Management and Marketing.” During his studies, from November 2017 to April 2020, he worked as a system administrator, venturing into a different industry.


In April 2020, Thomas took the initiative to work independently, assuming the role of a project and digitalization manager until November 2021. His drive and expertise soon caught the attention of the Institut für Krankenhausinformationsmanagement (IKiM) in Münster. In November 2021, he joined IKiM as a project manager, where he spearheaded innovation projects, fostering advancements in the field. Simultaneously, he pursued further studies in “Product and Asset Management,” culminating in his achievement of a Master of Science degree in February 2023.


His dedication and contribution to IKiM were recognized, and in September 2023, he was promoted to the position of Deputy Institute Director at IKiM, where he continues to lead and innovate in his field today.

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  • 9 November, 2023
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